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Eames Chair Restoration

I found 4 Eames shell chairs on Ebay for $200, needless to say for that price they were in pretty rough shape. After reading a few restoration tutorials (The Brick House, Chairfag) I felt pretty confident they were worth it and could end up looking pretty dreamy. Luckily most of the shock mounts were intact, I only had to order one other set from Modern Conscience along with 4 Walnut Black Dowel Bases and 4 sets of coarse thread screws to attach the bases to the shock mounts. I guess the chairs used to live in an elementary school because there was petrified gum under all of the seats.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

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Eames Lounge Chair

The Eames Lounge Chair represents the pinnacle of modern design. Originally designed in 1956 as a birthday present for the hollywood director Billy Wilder it since has reached iconic status and now sits in its permanent home at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in NYC.

Over the past year we have had the pleasure of being caretakers to an original Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman in our store (consignment). Since that time I have grown attached to it is quite beauty and strength. Like a beautiful painting it draws people of all ages to it is soft seat. Do not be fooled by it is simplicity and grace. This piece commands attention. No one can walk by this chair without commenting on its beauty . Even children who have never heard of Eames fall to its powers.

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Ray e Charles Eames chair 1945

DCM sedia da pranzo in metallo, LCM sedia bassa in metallo, DCW dining chair wood… i coniugi Eames hanno spesso variato i disegni delle loro sedie combinando una scocca con basi differenti: l abbinamento della scocca in tubolare d acciaio cromato ha dato leggerezza e creato una tensione contrastante tra due materiali così differenti; nella collezione in legno, il compensato sagomato della base e della seduta e schienale, si sviluppano tridimensionalmente adattandosi al corpo con una forma organica, calda e rilassante.

Eames Herman Miller Lounge Chair Find!

Holy Grail of Craigslist shopping! I found a vintage ,true reproduction, cira 1970 s–Eames Herman Miller Lounge Chair. If you shop for mid century items….you can imagine my elation!

A real Eames chair, from 1956, will put you back about $5,000.00 dollars. A vintage reproduction like this one is the kind you will see in antique shops for any where between $450.00 and $1000.00. These are second phase chairs. Third phase, new chairs, are being sold for around $1200.00 these days online.

Drum roll please……..I paid $250.00 dollars cash!

Thank goodness I quickly developed a fun relationship with the owner on the phone, because her phone ran off the hook for this item! Someone gave her a hard time for setting up an appointment for me to see the chair, by claiming “is not it first come first served?!”

Even my husband likes this chair. Granted though, that he will be adjusting the reclining base on the chair as it wiggles.


Just arrived – Original Vintage Eames Chair EA 117 by Herman Miller – Aluminium frame chair with textile upholstered sling seat, swivel base with wheels, rise and fall and tilt action. The chair is in great vintage condition. The aluminium has acquired the softer look, not the highly polished chromed look of later models. The chairs in the Aluminium Group are the most famous creations by Charles and Ray Eames.

Designed in 1958 they rate amongst the great achievements in the design history of the 20th century. An important characteristic of the Aluminium Chair is the intelligent combination of materials. It has a clear, transparent form and its construction is clearly visible. Aluminium sections lend the chair both stability and lightness. The material is fixed into the side sections, yet fitted loosely so that it follows the line of the body and is comfortable without requiring extensive upholstery.This material is not a cover but an integral part of the design. contact for more details or to reserve this item.

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